Spring has sprung… or has it?

Spring has sprung… or has it?

Another week of rain. Day after day.

We keep praying daily: rain, rain go away.  Alas, to no avail.

The temperature goes right down to single figures during the day and just hovers above 0 at night.  

MJ has been very concerned about his little bee friends in the mountains. He rushed over last week to check on them only to find that it was sleeting up there. 

The bees were hungry and not keen to venture out of their hives. 

A little sugar feeding was administered to each hive to prevent the bees from starving and to help them survive this cold snap. 

Nothing else could be done. 

MJ was hoping to do some splits of the hives but it was too cold. 

Patience, patience…

This is supposed be the South of France, not London!

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