Big Ben and his friends

By MJ    3

My site is primarily focused on bees and honey. But a beekeeper cannot live in a honey bubble alone. So, another distraction was added to occupy one’s mind. The 11- year old battle NOT to have chickens was in the end lost. Sadly, for me, I was defeated. 

After a couple of months of construction of a coop and enclosure (to ensure it was fox and stoat proof), followed by a copious study on line the ‘science’ of chickens… Ben, with his harem, Henrietta, Matilda, Blackie and Chickaletta arrived.  After a week or two the eggs started flowing although my egg log indicates an average of 2.68 eggs a day. Despite being told that they are dull creatures if not boring, I find them hugely entertaining.

The neighbours are not too upset by Ben’s chanting (after a bribe of a box of eggs they can hardly do so).  My Doctor’s husband (neighbour) did complain though, over the fence the other day, that he was most upset with all the singing. Having felt an admonishment was on the way I was amazed to hear his real complaint. He said he could not understand what Ben was saying as he was not speaking French but English. After being told that the cockerel came from Normandy much laughter ensued and life carried on.

All is well….

Ben and his girls in the garden
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