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Welcome to the world of my bees and their honey. I am a bee and honey enthusiast and invite you here to discover more about my bees and honey making in Provence. I generally have about 10 hives through winter and when spring comes I raise more queens and usually get to between 18 and 20 colonies by harvest time.

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I first discovered bees about 10 years ago and am passionate about saving the bees, making honey and taking care of my hives. I take huge pride in taking care of my bees and distributing honey to family, friends and honey lovers. My colonies are generally at 1000M altitude just under a south facing escarpment of 2000M. My honey is totally natural mountain honey derived from Maple trees in spring to thyme and lavender in the summer and to sarriette in autumn.

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Here are some of my latest activities in beekeeping and my observations on nature and the garden

Recent Blog Posts

July – troubles and tribulations

I have not posted for a while. The life of the bees and their beekeeper carries on regardless. At the moment the bees are working their socks off, there is honey being made, there are new bees being born to carry out the work. Sometimes there are setbacks. I lost a queen and then one […]

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On swarms and divisions.

It is early May and the weather is warmer and the bees are becoming active. I have completed 4 splits to make new queens, and increase my number of colonies. I usually try to avoid swarms but they are natural and simply happen despite the beekeeper’s wishes. This is a debate many beekeepers discuss endlessly. […]

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Response to a Queenless Colony.

The weather eventually got warmer and sunnier I ventured up again to see how my little ladies were getting on.  I knew I had to feed them all, after a cold spell. One hives out of my 13 was a super strong one. Two weeks ago, it was already on 20 frames and going great […]

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