2023 Difficult year but great honey.

2023 Difficult year but great honey.

It was a very difficult year, spring started but there was no rain. There had been little snow in the mountains so the subsurface lakes were dry.

As a beekeeper there is not much to be done about weather etc. but keep the bees happy and disease free and not hungry.

There were many stories about beekeepers not having any honey.  

Traditionally amateur beekeepers make one harvest. Progress was slow during last spring but in the end I took honey off on 1st July,  1st and 15th Aug, 3rd Sept and 5th Oct!  This means that all the different species of flowers during the summer months were represented in each harvest. I got five different flavours and consistency. I actually ended up with a total of just 1 kg less than the previous year.

Some of different verities of my honey from 2023 harvest

I have created a new label during 2023.

My new 2023 label

Queen Bee – my new logo


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I have always said that that you love your bees and they love you back in return! You are not an ordinary beekeeper. It is your passion. Please carry on as long as possible.

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